Fears of decline in Germany – economic reality meets political communication failure

Manager Magazin, March 11, 2024

In his current column in Manager Magazin, Professor Klaus Schweinsberg attests that the middle class is too carefree about the economic situation in Germany. This assessment is also reflected in the Sicherheitsreport 2024 published by the Centre for Strategy and Higher Leadership: while ten years ago, one in four Germans were still worried about unemployment, today only one in ten is concerned about economic decline. The carefree attitude of the middle class contrasts with the fears of German SMEs. Family businesses are unsettled by the consequences of the impending decline of Germany as an economic power. According to Schweinsberg, Olaf Scholz is under pressure to act and speak out.

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“Because it’s about Germany as a business location in its entirety”: Klaus Schweinsberg in the ntv-Wirtschaftsstalk from the Munich Security Conference

ntv-Wirtschaftstalk, February 17, 2024

In the ntv-Wirtschaftstalk on the topic “What are war and crisis costing us?”, Prof. Klaus Schweinsberg criticizes the fact that politicians have become aware of the recession and security risks too late. Security issues are barely present in the perception of the population and the economy, and the German government has so far failed to recognize the crisis and name the need for action. The path back to growth is a joint task that requires comprehensive changes in the economy, technology and society. Professor Schweinsberg advocates a holistic strategic approach and a clear focus on government spending – after all, location security is a legitimate purpose of spending.

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Klaus Schweinsberg in the Handelsblatt podcast: “Nowhere have I learned as much about leadership as in the military”

Handelsblatt, February 16, 2024

As a CEO consultant and sparring partner for top managers, Klaus Schweinsberg benefits from his 30 years of experience in the military. In the Handelsblatt Disrupt podcast, he talks about the challenges managers face in today’s volatile global economy. Quick decisions under pressure, liability issues and compliance harbor risks that are often not countered by an adequate failure-tolerant culture. In the podcast, Schweinsberg discusses the extent to which military leadership principles help to successfully master entrepreneurial tasks, the impact of technological change on leadership behavior and how managers can use AI effectively.

Handelsblatt podcast

Sicherheitsreport 2024: Great response in the media

Sicherheitsreport, January 30, 2024

According to the representative population survey conducted by the Centre for Strategy and Higher Leadership, Germans feel less secure than at any time since the survey began. The increasingly divergent perceptions of the security situation by people in East and West Germany are particularly noteworthy – especially with regard to external threats such as the war in Ukraine, the role of Russia and the USA and Germany’s obligations in NATO.

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Germany as a business location in the context of the World Economic Forum 2024

n-tv, January, 18, 2024

At this year’s World Economic Forum, which is being held under the motto “Rebuilding Trust”, Klaus Schweinsberg talks in an n-tv interview about Germany’s shortcomings in international comparison. Only sentimentality for the home location is responsible for the fact that companies in the chemical industry have not moved to more attractive locations despite a significant decline in production volumes. The current gains are mainly due to efficiency measures. In order to counteract site closures and job losses, both energy prices and regulation in Germany would have to be changed. Otherwise, not only economic competitiveness would be at risk, but also trust in German politics.

n-tv interview