Cyber Security Report 2015

To be successful, Industry 4.0 needs improved protection against cyber attacks: Almost 90 percent of political and economic decision-makers see IT security as the greatest challenge to achieving a complete transition to Industry 4.0, according to the latest Deutsche Telekom Cyber Security Report. In fact, a large majority of managers (84 percent) are convinced that the risk of attacks will rise with Industry 4.0, i.e. the intelligent networking of people, machines and production processes. According to managers, other Industry 4.0 related challenges include nationwide coverage with high-speed Internet (80 percent) and reaching agreement on unified global standards (81 percent). Deutsche Telekom’s Cyber Security Report, prepared by Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research and Centre for Strategy and Higher Leadership, is now being published for the fourth consecutive year.

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The Board Diversity Index (BoDI) 2015

The Board Diversity Index 2015 shows, that despite some new elections within the supervisory boards of Dax 30 corporations, nothing has been achieved regarding the composition of the boards in terms of international character, vocational variety and age mix. There was significantly less movement in 2015 compared to the “super election years” 2013 and 2014. Only 36 board positions have been newly elected of which 14 members have been reappointed and 22 positions were filled with fresh faces.

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MANAGER MAGAZIN, Issue 11/2015

Almost the Usual Suspects

“Supervisory committees in DAX companies are changing excruciatingly slow. Only the proportion of women varies” manager magazin summarises the results of the Board Diversity Index 2015, developed by Prof. Klaus Schweinsberg. The current Index shows that it is still a long road ahead towards achieving greater diversity.

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Manager Magazin, Issue 11/2014

More than a Question of Women’s Rights

Manager Magazin reports in its current edition about the ‘Board Diversity 2014’ Index developed by Prof. Klaus Schweinsberg. The Index measures the composition of Dax 30 Boards in respect of gender, nationaliy, education and age.

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EnergyBiz Magazine July/Aug 2014

Forging a Transatlantic Cyberalliance

Many European Politicians are still very upset about the NSA activities on governments in Europe. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed this very topic during her recent talks with President Barack Obama. It will take time and effort to rebuild trust in transatlantic relations. But we do not have time to rebuild trust these days. We do not have time to analyze the past. The political climate forces us to shape the future.