Interview in Handelsblatt: “Middle managers have a strong obsession with the status quo”

Handelsblatt, January 11, 2024

As a consultant, Klaus Schweinsberg supports the heads of family businesses and corporations. In an interview with Handelsblatt, he explains the reasons for discrepancies between CEOs and middle management – “Yes, we can!” from the top and blockades from the middle slow down transformation and change processes. How can mutual understanding contribute to a better feedback culture and leadership?

Handelsblatt interview

“Macronomics”: France consolidates its leading role as an investment location

El Mundo, January 8, 2024

In El Mundo, Professor Klaus Schweinsberg attests to the German Chancellor’s lack of leadership qualities when it comes to implementing economic reforms. Olaf Scholz lacks what makes Emmanuel Macron so successful: strategic vision and personal insight. Meanwhile, France is expanding its leading role in digital transformation and foreign investment in Europe thanks to “Macronomics”.

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»Why German bosses are heaping unexpected praise on France«

The Economist, November 21, 2023

In 2022, France was the European leader in foreign direct investment for the fourth year in a row. Instead of being admired for the German econonic model, business leaders in Berlin are now promoting France as a place for investment and innovation. „The roles have been reversed“, states Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg in the Economist.

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»Germany can learn a lot from France« – guest commentary in Handelsblatt

Handelsblatt, October 17, 2023

France and its President Emmanuel Macron are currently delivering exactly what entrepreneurs, investors and managers in Germany are lacking: vision, growth, will and appreciation. In his Handelsblatt guest commentary, Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg analyzes how far Germany under Olaf Scholz is lagging behind its neighbor in these areas.

Guest commentary in Handelsblatt

59th Munich Security Conference: Discrepancy between public truth and private concerns

n-tv, February 19, 2023

The Munich Security Conference is traditionally characterized by bringing maximum demands on foreign, security and defense policy to the stage. Nevertheless, in an interview with n-tv, economics professor Klaus Schweinsberg considers the discrepancy between the assessments communicated in the political public sphere on the one hand and the actual perceptions of business representatives in the side rounds on the other to be considerable this year. Topics such as energy prices, which are still too high, greater integration of the global south or the threat of migration of energy-intensive industries were characterized by a lack of congruence. Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg takes a positive view of Macron’s renewed efforts to promote a European defense industry. This is not only relevant against the backdrop of the emerging China-Taiwan conflict, which is being anticipated militarily by the USA.

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