24hours – Today. Tonight. Tomorrow.

At the annual “24 Hours” conference top managers from all over the world met by invitation of René Obermann, CEO Deutsche Telekom. Among the guests was Anshu Jain, CO-CEO of Deutschen Bank. As in previous years Klaus Schweinsberg moderated the event.

René Obermann, Klaus Schweinsberg und Anshu Jain


Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

Klaus Schweinsberg shared the stage with Rüdiger Grube, CEO of Deutsche Bahn, at the DEUTSCHE BAHN AG Leadership Forum and spoke about „Leadership in Times of Uncertainty“. Strategy and leadership in an internationally oriented state-owned company was discussed in intense dialogue with the top management.


Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

At the global management meeting of ALTANA AG, Professor Schweinsberg held a keynote speech and discussed with the top-mangers about virtues of Leadership, which work today and management-systems, which are of no use any more.